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A Novel Playlist

Sunday afternoon, 75°F and cloudy
Listening to Steppenwolf, The Pusher

One of my most treasured writing tools is the playlist I build specifically for each novel I’m working on. It helps me get back into the characterizations, moods, situations and settings for a particular story. Because I worked on State of Love & Trust off and on over the course of several years, its playlist grew, changed and shifted significantly over that time. Continue reading

Saint’s Whipping Tattoo

Wednesday afternoon, 81°F and partly sunny
Listening to CSNY The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down by the River

[UPDATE: Happily, I’ve now obtained permission to include these lyrics in the novel. Thank you, Pearl Jam and Hal Leonard.]

In the first chapter of my novel State of Love & Trust, the character Saint Wozniak peels up his Mother Love Bone tank shirt to reveal the entire first stanza of Whipping inked in a neat typewriter font on his shoulder blade. Those lyrics, which he says are his favorite, matter to the novel. Yet they are not included in anywhere in the text, and for good reason. Continue reading

Not for Everyone

Thursday night, 88°F
Listening to Nice as Fuck, Angel

I loved Pearl Jam from the first time I saw the Eddie swing from the rafters (3:41) in the Even Flow video on MTV. I’d spent the entire ’80s retreating into Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and The Who because I just couldn’t get with the whole hair metal/Spandex vibe. My reaction to this video was “that sounds like … real rock ‘n’ roll. They’ve brought it back from the dead.”

From that moment on, I was hooked. I’ve seen them live multiple times and their shows are incredible. I have a Ten Club membership, a Yield vanity plate, some framed show posters, all of their studio albums (except Riot Act, oops), too many bootlegs to count, and I don’t know how many T-shirts or pairs of Docs. Which means, as Pearl Jam fans go, I’m a total lightweight. (I’ve even shamelessly posted a popular video just now instead trying to polish my creds with something stunning, like Wash.) Continue reading

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