The Joy of Non-Scale Victories

Intermittent fasting (IF) and the resulting autophagy have made enormous improvements in my health, and isn’t better health the ultimate goal in adjusting our eating patterns? Far too often we conflate better health with reduced weight, but they are by no means the same thing.

Why 16:8 isn’t always enough

If you’re on a 16:8 intermittent fasting schedule and ravenous, it may seem counterintuitive to push your fast a little longer. But this can be what moves you from sugar burning to fat burning and gets you to the point where you’re burning stored fat and experiencing less hunger throughout the day.

7 Reasons the Diet Industrial Complex Hates Intermittent Fasting

The diet industry is presently scrambling to find ways to make money off intermittent fasting. I’d offer some links as examples, but I’d rather not give them the attention. Now that this approach to optimal health and weight loss is gaining popularity and doesn’t require their special foods, their gimmicks, their magic supplements, or their special meal plans, how can they continue raking in our money?

10 Myths About Intermittent Fasting

When I started intermittent fasting I searched the internet and found a glut of blog posts beginning with “I tried Intermittent Fasting for one week, (or 10 days, or one month) and here’s how it went.” Invariably, these pieces contain one or more common myths about intermittent fasting.

Destigmatizing Abortion – Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

Let’s talk about destigmatizing abortion. I’ll start by saying that wherever you are at right now with the word abortion, you are Ok and you are welcome here. Discomfort with the word-and the associated politics surrounding it-are not uncommon in this community, especially with our newcomers.

Parachutes – Why My Rainbow Baby Owes His Existence to Legal Abortion

My happy rainbow baby at 6 months. Grace O. About nine months after making my heartwrenching choice to end my 20-week pregnancy due to a combination Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Down syndrome, I conceived again. That was a tough decision, one I had to make all over again each month that I did not get pregnant.