I’m now sharing Smokin’ & Cryin’ on Reedsy. This will allow serious reviewers to grab a copy at no charge. Why would I give my book away? Well, reviews are crucial to the success of any book, but especially books like mine which are independently published.

I appreciate each review my novels have received. If you’ve read my latest novel, Smokin’ & Cryin’, (or State of Love & Trust) and left a review, thank you! If you haven’t, I’m not here to make you feel bad. I only want everyone to understand how important reviews are to authors.

Where to leave reviews

If you’ve read Smokin’ & Cryin’ and haven’t reviewed it, please review it wherever you’re most comfortable doing so. You can even leave reviews here by clicking the review tab above.  All reviews help a book’s sales and visibility. In no particular order, you can review this novel at:Continue Reading Reviews, Reedsy and more