2112 inspires me

Why 2112 Inspires Me

Sunday morning, 72°F and sunny Listening to The Allman Brothers, Jessica I take my writing inspiration from a lot of different places, but mainly from music and musicians. While I've talked about Pearl Jam quite a bit because my first published novel was inspired by their music, I think it's … Continue reading
This novel playlist is heavy on Pearl Jam and psychedelic rock

A Novel Playlist

Sunday afternoon, 75°F and cloudy Listening to Steppenwolf, The Pusher One of my most treasured writing tools is the novel playlist I build specifically for each story I'm working on. It helps me get back into the characterizations, moods, situations, and settings for a particular book. Because … Continue reading
Using copyrighted lyrics -- and Eddie Vedder singing Whipping

Saint’s Whipping Tattoo

Wednesday afternoon, 81°F and partly sunny Listening to CSNY The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down by the River Some thoughts on using copyrighted lyrics [UPDATE: When I wrote this post on using copyrighted lyrics, I was doubtful that I'd be able to obtain the proper permissions. Happily, Pearl Jam and … Continue reading
not for everyone - why I wrote a Pearl Jam novel

Not for Everyone

Thursday night, 88°F Listening to Nice as Fuck, Angel My love for Pearl Jam led me to write a novel that's unapologetically not for everyone. The first time I saw the Eddie Vedder swinging from the rafters (3:41) in the Even Flow video on MTV was the moment I became sold on this band. I'd spent … Continue reading