Ditch This Lazy Simile

There is one simile that mutters lazy. It's more thoughtless than the most common of cliches. It's so bland and pointless it has no business even calling itself a simile. It evokes less than nothing. It's boring. Dull. Dried up like a dog turd on concrete during a drought.It sucks the life out … Continue reading
3 pillars of characterization

Do, Say, & Think

The three pillars of characterization Good characterization is a matter of discipline. Regardless of how you go about creating fictional characters, it's their behaviors, thoughts, and actions that convey their characterization. If you tell the reader your character is a deep thinker with a goal … Continue reading
thesaurusitis is stupid


Monday Evening, 62°F and partly cloudy Listening to Tame Impala—H.F.G.W. (Canyons Drunken Rage) I'm begging you, dear writers, beware of the scourge of Thesaurusitis. Symptoms include reader head scratching, books being flung against walls, and misuse of new-to-you vocabulary words. If you've … Continue reading
Bad dialogue tags: as unnatural as talking on landlines in a meadow.

How not to tag dialogue

Wednesday evening, 25°F and cloudy  Listening to The Nice, War & Peace Please, fiction authors. I am begging you. Learn how to properly use dialogue tags. It's not that hard, I promise. The bad dialogue tags in self-published fiction make my eyeballs spurt blood. I'll be covering several … Continue reading