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Arthur Comes Home (deleted scene no. 1)

Author’s note: In the interest of starting Smokin’ & Cryin’ as close to the inciting incident as possible, I cut a couple of scenes that came beforehand. I still like them and thought it’d be fun to share them anyway. Arthur Comes Home is 1 of 2.

July 4th. Hairspray. Yellow onions. Burgers and bratwurst smoking on the grill. Arthur sauntered into our sun-scorched backyard, barefoot, wearing cutoffs and a ringer T-shirt. Shrieks and whoops and applause rose from our relatives and neighbors who were thrilled to have him home from the war. I’d wanted to be the first to see him, the first to welcome him home, but the sight of him through the sliding screen door froze me at the kitchen table, knife in midair, the onion I’d been chopping abruptly forgotten.Continue Reading Arthur Comes Home (deleted scene no. 1)

Sweet Pea – Smokin’ & Cryin’

Author’s note

I’m serializing the first 10% of Smokin’ & Cryin’ here on my blog. It’s the story of a young American rock band set in the early 1970s. Please feel free to share this with your friends.

Overture is the first installment. This post is #4 in the series.


Chapter 2 – Sweet Pea (part 1)

Lisa woke me up in the juniper bushes in front of our house, squatting next to me in a sunsuit printed with ducklings. “Robin hurt the boo-boo?” She touched my ear with one finger.

I flinched and put my hands to my swollen face. I found a gash on my cheek, my scalp bald, and worst of all, my mother’s earrings missing. My double-pierced earlobe dripped blood.

“Owies,” Lisa said.Continue Reading Sweet Pea – Smokin’ & Cryin’

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