This is a brilliantly crafted book set in the early ’70s about a band and its 16-year-old front-man, Robin Chelsea, and (not a spoiler) his disappearance right before the release of their third album. The story is told through a variety of formats (narrative interspersed with newspaper and magazine articles, occasional letters, and found notes) that develop the story with an intensity that draws you in. It’s filled with deep, believable characters (as was her first book) and a storyline in which everything belongs. The story unfolds with detail that is wonderfully imagined (such that I often forgot it is totally fiction) but never bogging down the pace. You agonize over the challenges, and celebrate the successes of the young band, knowing all the while that _something_ is going to happen. But above all that, what I love most is falling in love with her characters.

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