I truly loved the book and thought I was so lucky to read it for free.

This book is about Robin Chelsea, a fairly normal teenager who ends up becoming the lead singer of American rock band Smoky Topaz in the 1970s. This is an interesting storyline as I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel that was so focused on music before, or specifically on the happenings of a band on the rise. It’s a bit of a documentary novel, as it’s filled with poems, pop culture references, documents, letters and interviews which make it more realistic but also more of a young adult novel. I have nothing against that, but I guess some people might. The language and writing style are also very simple and smooth, which make this book feel young, laidback and fresh.

Set in the 70s, the themes of music, being young, family and love come together with sadder themes such as death, addiction, the Vietnam war and the fact that teen boys were sent there to die. In fact, three of the members of Smoky Topaz are veterans from the Vietnam War and Robin himself joined the band to avoid recruitment, which obviously adds a layer to their personalities and interactions. I really liked the funny dynamic between the band members, as their egos clash and as they bond show after show. I also liked the fact that two of the band members, Robin and Arthur, are half-brothers, as it’s not often that I’ve found such a good representation of sibling dynamic in a book.

Even if this book deals with heavy themes and interesting concepts, even conspiracy theories, the part of the novel that deals with the rise of Smoky Topaz is so upbeat and fun that I think on the whole the book is a happy one. I can’t reveal much about the ending, but just know you will be surprised by unexpected twists as you read about what happens to the members of Smoky Topaz as they record their second album, Smokin’ & Cryin’.

In conclusion, I thought this book was cute, easy and fun to read, and anyone with an interest in music or in the 70s era will find this book lovable and worth reading.

I hope you like it too! 🙂 x

Source: Reedsy Discovery

Linda Arrighi, Reading Under Palm Trees blog