I’m now sharing Smokin’ & Cryin’ on Reedsy. This will allow serious reviewers to grab a copy at no charge. Why would I give my book away? Well, reviews are crucial to the success of any book, but especially books like mine which are independently published.

I appreciate each review my novels have received. If you’ve read my latest novel, Smokin’ & Cryin’, (or State of Love & Trust) and left a review, thank you! If you haven’t, I’m not here to make you feel bad. I only want everyone to understand how important reviews are to authors.

Where to leave reviews

If you’ve read Smokin’ & Cryin’ and haven’t reviewed it, please review it wherever you’re most comfortable doing so. You can even leave reviews here by clicking the review tab above.  All reviews help a book’s sales and visibility. In no particular order, you can review this novel at:




Barnes & Noble


Apple Books


24 Symbols


Or even just tell your friends about it on your favorite social media platform. If you have the paperback, snap a photo and pop it onto Instagram. Or, if you use an e-reader, you can take a picture of the book cover on your device and share that, too.

What to say

I’m never going to tell you what to say in a review, but I do want you to know that reviews don’t have to be long, detailed, or read like a book report. You can say as much or as little as you like. Even a three-word review such as “I loved it!” or “I hated it!” is enough to help other readers discover a book and decide whether to read it. The only requirement is that you’ve a.) read the book and b.) have an opinion about it.

Why reviews matter

Reviews tell other readers that the book is being read, and whether or not it’s worth their time. They’re especially important to independently published authors who don’t have a lot of marketing horsepower to promote their writing. An author can pay to promote a book on Amazon, for example, but readers will rarely buy a book if they don’t see reviews, or see too few of them.

So give your favorite authors and reader-friends a hand. Go and leave a book review today.

Smokin' & Cryin'

See, you don’t even need a hard copy on hand to snap a decent photo of a book. This one is on my Kindle Fire.